Life Story.. how the eff did I end up here?


erica-clarkson-fitness-coachI was born and raised in Minnesota. Let’s see, growing up in the north taught me… to appreciate the summertime (all 2 weeks of it), to always say “sack” instead of “bag” when grocery shopping in another state, how to layer appropriately, how to mask the bug spray scent, how to bait a fishing line, oh and of course how to filet the fish you caught with that bait. I’m only joking, sort of. I did learn Midwest survival skills. I was blessed enough to have a BA mom & big brother. We were always laughing and spending time together. My mom always supported me as long as I was happy.  But it took me a minute to find my happy. Once I finally took a step back and reflected on what I have always loved doing rather than what I “should” be doing, everything fell into place. Health and fitness are my passion and sharing what I know with all of you, that is what makes me happy.

I spent all of college learning about the human body. I took pretty much every science class imaginable. And after 4 years, I had a good grasp on how the body works on a cellular level. I started connecting what I learned in college with what I ate and did in the gym. It was all so fascinating! I woke up one day, after a year of boring lab work and realized I was ready to find my happy. I was already healthy and fit but not happy. It wasn’t long after that I moved to Colorado and started my journey. Terrified, I started my personal training and bridal fitness business. I stuck with what I know and by some miracle people actually liked it. So here I am, a year and a half later, working hard everyday to learn more and share it with you because that’s what makes me happy.


Where I learned all that crap..

*My Mother. There is no one like her in this world.

*University of Kansas where I got a BS in Biochemistry

*CPT from National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

One thought on “About

  1. Jenny Sundberg says:

    What about your High Science teachers? I love this so much applying everything in your life to lead to one road of happiness for you. Congratulations, sweet heart and if I am in colorado you are going to bring me through a workout. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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