Week of: May 29, 2017

Basic Squat with Leg Lift 

20 each leg

Tips: when squatting make sure to keep your chest up (try looking at the ceiling if you are having trouble), keep your body weight in your heels, and knees over your ankles.


Side Plank Crunches

30 seconds each side

Tips: Keep your hips high and if you’re having a hard time holding your body up with your arm try doing the plank on your elbow.


Tricep Push-ups

15 Reps

Tips: keep your hands directly under your shoulders and your elbows glued to your side, if you feel pressure in your lower back your hips are most likely too low.

tricep pushups

Star Jumps

30 reps

Tips: push off the ground strong with both legs and land with soft knees.


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