11 Things to do After Getting Engaged


Dear Brides,

43% of engagements happen between November and January. If you are in that 43% then you are probably overwhelmed with emotions. Once the excitement fades away, you may experience unwanted, panic-like, emotions. This list was created for brides in hopes that it will minimize the chaos during the happiest time in your life. I have hand picked each and every name on this list.  Please feel free to reply with your own ideas!

1. Take a Deep Breath and Organize Your Thoughts

You’ll be excited to start planning but first, breathe. This man wants to spend the rest of his life with YOU. Take a moment to yourself. Go to your bedroom and close your door and let out a high pitched school girl in love screech. This man wants you and only you until the end of time. Enjoy that special moment and then tuck it away in your tiny stash of feelings you never want to forget.

You’re going to want to start planning. Don’t stress yourself out over that just yet. Instead organize your thoughts. Find a way to keep your ideas organized. If you don’t have a Pinterest account already then it’s time to get one. You can spend hours looking as beautiful wedding ideas. There are other helpful wedding planning websites like The Knot that have worked for many brides.   Go to the apple store and download Wedding Happy – Wedding Planner. This app is simple and user friendly. It’s a free app that generates a to-do list for you and keeps you on track. Just be sure that whatever planning tool you use is accessible at all times; you never know when an idea or contact will come your way and when that happens you need to document it wherever you are!

2. Plan an Engagement Party

Don’t stress about your engagement party. This should be a fun night spent with loved ones. It’s a time to celebrate the future. Book a private dining room at a trendy spot in the City. Most restaurants require a minimum but don’t add a room charge as long as you meet the minimum. January-March is a slow time for restaurants so this should not be a big expense. Here are a few of my favorite spots in Denver but there are hundreds more I would recommend so if you want more suggestions just ask!

Corridor 44 – Trendy, classy, champagne bar in downtown Denver

Linger – Gorgeous views of the city make this a happening spot in the trendiest neighborhood in Denver.

North Italia – trendy atmosphere, homemade Italian cuisine, casual upscale, located in Cherry Creek

Mile High Station – Beautiful brick walls, inviting atmosphere, high ceilings, space big enough for a larger group.

3. Pick a Date & Get Your Story Straight

The first question people will ask you is “How did he do it?!” you’ll be telling the story a million times so make it short and sweet (oh and paint your nails because they are going to be staring at your ring as you tell it).  The second question is “When is the big day?” If you can’t choose an exact date then at least choose a month, season or even a year. Have something to tell people when they ask.

4. Plan a Night Out with Just Your Fiance

Until the festivities and wedding are finally over, there’s not going to be much “just the two of you” moments. Don’t let the reason you’re getting married get lost in all of the excitement. Make it a point not to talk wedding details. Yes, there’s a ton to do, but for now, it’s important to hit the town and celebrate—just you and him.

date night

5. Set Your Budget

Be realistic and aim lower than your max because it is likely that you’ll spend more than you planned. Don’t forget to budget in your fitness goals; looking and feeling your best is the most important factor in making your day perfect.

6. Find a Wedding Dress or At Least Start Looking

Wedding dress shopping should be fun. Make a day of it; play dress-up, have champagne & go window shopping. Spend time with the people who will be helping you for the next 9-15 months. Just choose your entourage wisely. This is YOUR wedding dress. 🙂

The Bridal Collection

Blue Bridal Boutique

Anna Be Bridal Boutique – Gorgeous dresses and very kind staff. Make a day of it.. it’s located in the trendy Highlands neighborhood.

Anna Be Bridal Boutique
Anna Be Bridal Boutique

7. Start a Wedding Blog or Website

This is for your guests and for you. Set up a wedding site or blog to keep everyone in the know, this way you don’t have to answer the same questions a thousand times. Post photos, write your “how we met” story, have a guestbook—make it as personal and interactive as you want. Get the bare bones up first; later on, you can get fancy with wedding details, hotel advice, maps, quizzes, daily thoughts and whatever other wedding whimsies you want to share. Send it around to those who ask, but be prepared for the fact that your mom and your BFF may be the only ones who want to read it.

8. Consider a Wedding Consultant

A wedding planner is a cost but some brides don’t realize that wedding planners know how to save you money and reduce a lot of wedding planning stress. Check out Tandem Events, Three Tomatoes, &  Purple Summer Event.

9. COMMIT to Looking Your Best

Start living healthy right NOW. It’s crunch time. You aren’t going to get a rockin’ bod overnight. Reaching your fitness goal is doable.. you can do it. That’s where I come in. I have sent numerous brides down the isle who have far surpassed their goals. Forget for one minute about how you want to look.. how my brides FEEL in their dress is what fuels my passion for what I do. Relieving stress in a healthy way is key as you plan your wedding. Sign up for COMMIT Bridal Bootcamp and Group Training. This is a results based program; group sizes don’t exceed 6 people. Memberships are affordable and the people you workout with will keep you laughing while you sweat towards our goal. Want even more attention? Get one-on-one coaching. You’ve committed to your groom, it’s time to make a fitness commitment to yourself. Be the most beautiful YOU.

Ali Berry, Denver, CO January 2015 (left) June 2015 (right)

10. Find a Reception Site

Once you have a date, this is one of the first details you’ll want to take care of. Nice thing is, if you have a wedding planner.. they will guide you through this process and many more. But if you don’t, refrain from falling in love with a space that isn’t available on your date or that is out of your budget.

Boettcher Mansion – Located in Golden, CO. Golden is a beautiful town between Denver and famous Red Rocks. The Boettcher Mansion is warm, rustic and inviting.

Historic Tivoli – Located in the heart of Denver. You’ll love the feel of history and culture.

Evergreen Lakehouse – The town of Evergreen holds some of my favorite Colorado memories. It is one of the first mountain towns west of Denver. This is a prime location with beautiful views in a town with lots to offer.

Donovan Pavilion – Located in Vail. This venue is for those who have their heart set on a rustic mountain wedding.

Castle Cliff Estate or Crooked Willow Farms – Both are located about 30 miles south of Denver near Castle Pines. These  gorgeous venues offer a rustic farmhouse feel with exquisite mountain views.

11. Relax and Enjoy Being Engaged

Remind yourself every week to relax and just enjoy what’s happening right now. It’s so easy to get caught up and lost in all of the planning. Enjoy being engaged.


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