How to be Healthy: 5 Steps & Mistakes

“Healthy” is often misused.

Learn what healthy means and then decide if you’re up for the challenge. But I will say, once you commit to being healthy, you’ll never go back.

Definition of HEALTHY
1:  enjoying health and vigor of body, mind, or spirit :  well

Follow these 5 steps to achieving a healthy and happy life and avoid the mistakes like the plague.

1. Fitness.

When someone decides they want to change the way they look and feel they start working out. This is the natural first step. Choose a workout plan that you’ll follow through with. Find a friend to do it with you and hold each other accountable. If you do better in group fitness classes, find one that also has a fun atmosphere and people your age. Get to know your peers so that you are motivated to go back and see your new friends. Or maybe you need one-on-one attention. Find a personal trainer & be picky.
You need to get along with him/her but most of all they need to motivate you and keep you on track. That is their job.

Fitness Mistakes:

Saying you’re committed and then quitting 2 weeks later,  that’s just bad practice. If you make a commitment, keep it.

Over doing it.. easy killer. Haven’t you heard the phrase “don’t bite off more than you can chew?” Look at your schedule and plan your workouts accordingly. Be realistic; life is busy, don’t let that be your excuse.

Ignoring mirrors and cameras. The best motivation is results. Monitor your progress. Take before photos and measurements. Look in the mirror and learn to love your body. Stressing about how you look is nearly as bad for your body as not working out at all.

2. Eat Right.

Changing your eating habits is equally as important as working out. Start by eliminating one bad habit per week. Examples: No eating past 7, remove one condiment per meal, cut out soda even when mixing with alcohol, switch from ice cream to dark chocolate, etc. Next, start incorporating some nutrients into your diet. Try things twice. For example, if the only time you’ve had brussel sprouts was when you were 10, chances are you hated them. Look up a recipe and try them again! If you really don’t like the taste then make sure you find another way to feed your body the good stuff. Supplements or smoothies are always good alternatives.

Dieting Mistakes:

Trying any diet that has ever been advertised on TV especially the ones that send you their own food. That is insane. Are you planning on buying that food for the rest of your life? What is the company goes out of business? You are setting yourself up to quit. Do you want to get in the business of quitting?

Going cold turkey. I don’t care who you are or what you think works for you. Going cold turkey doesn’t work for anyone… unless its the day after Thanksgiving.


Giving up after you’ve cheated. When you make the decision to eat right you will be constantly tested. You will have to make choices every day, every meal. As long as you are progressing, you are not failing. In the beginning you may only make healthy choices 10% of the time but that is 10% more than before. Each week increase that percentage. Soon you’ll find yourself making healthy choices the whole work week but may slip up on the weekend. That is 71% of the week making good choices. That warrants a reward so don’t punish yourself by giving up.

3. Change Your Lifestyle.

Once you’ve committed to getting in shape and eating right it’s time to commit to staying healthy. Be tough on yourself. When you feel like you’re regressing even the tiniest bit, acknowledge it. Workout harder the next few days. Being healthy is more than just your physique. Healthy is a state of mind and being. When you reach it, others can tell. Surround yourself with people who promote and encourage your new lifestyle. Be positive. Be honest with yourself and others. Say no when you want to say no and say yes when you want to say yes.

healthy-hike-fit2commitSpend some time outside. Explore and hike. These things may seem silly but you’d be surprised the difference they can make.

Lifestyle Mistakes:

Letting it get to you when others criticize. You will hear all sorts of things. Mostly good but on the off chance someone says you look too thin or too muscular etc. Let it go. Chances are they are in some sort of battle with themselves and it has nothing to do with you.

Eliminating your social life. Going out and laughing is one of the healthiest things you can do. Don’t cut yourself off from human contact just because you can’t share their pizza.

Stop eating right and working out after reaching your goal. Remember this is a lifestyle. Make new goals & continue what got you where you are. If you’re bored then change up your workouts or try new classes. Test yourself in the kitchen with fancy new recipes. Being healthy is anything by boring if you do it right.

4. Take Care of Your Body.

Rest days are just as important as all out days. Get a massage once a month. Stretch and roll before and after every workout. Don’t skip your warm up or cool down. Get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. Our muscles recover at night so let them. I would recommend drinking a protein shake before bed to help feed and replenish your body.

Body Mistakes:

Ignoring your body. If it’s telling you it’s exhausted, listen to it. If it’s telling you it’s hungry, feed it.

Responding to stressful situations by stressing more. Rather than making it worse find your release. For me, I take a nice long jog. Bottling up stress is so hard on your body and mind.

5. Live Healthy.

Love yourself and your life. Do this and you’ll live a long and HEALTHY life. 🙂

Mistakes: None. 

That all. Have a good week!

xo, E

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