6 Foam Roller Moves to Start Today!

Let’s chat for a minute about foam rolling.

What is it? The technical term is self-myofascial release. By applying pressure to tight muscles, blood flow and flexibility are increased. It’s the closest thing we get to giving ourselves a massage.For the longest time foam rolling was solely used for rehabilitation. Since then studies have been conducted showing that rolling is directly related to recovery and preventing injuries. Unless you want to be in a knee brace at age 45, I suggest you practice foam rolling and static stretching pre and post workout. Don’t know how exactly to foam roll? Here are some tips!

How to:

Slowly roll over tight muscles. Hold roller for 20-30 seconds when you feel intense pain. Don’t forget to breathe.

foam roller-erica clarkson
Lower Calf. Cross one leg over the other and lift body.

foam roller-erica clarkson
Mid/Upper Calf. Shift weight from right to left while moving up and down the length of the calf.

foam roller back - erica clarkson
Back. Place hands behind your head and lift butt off the ground. Roll up and down and left to right to find tight spots. Try turning the roller diagonally as well.

foam roller - erica clarkson
Quads. Roll up and down. Keeping body in the same orientation try taking one leg off the roller and placing roller over hip flexor. *Sitting all day or wearing high heels often leads to soreness in hips*

foam roller glutes - erica clarkson
Glutes. Shift weight up and down and side to side.

erica clarkson - foam roller
foam roller - erica clarkson Adductor. Bend knee and flex foot. Turn hips slightly toward the roller as you move the roller back and forth. Roll deep into your groin area to release inner thigh pressure.

Where can I buy a foam roller?

This seems odd but you don’t want a foam roller made entirely of foam. Some rollers have a hard plastic inner layer that are better quality and more effective. You can find these on Amazon for as low as $30. Here are some links to good foam rollers.

Pro Source Roller

Trigger Point Performance The Grid (my favorite)

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