Ali’s Bridal Fitness Journey <3


Ali & Gavin tied the knot (well, technically it was a scarf) this past weekend. That means we can finally share her story with you!

In 6 months Ali Berry lost 20 lbs. Her body fat dropped 5% going from 26.3% to 21.5%.

She lost 4 inches from her chest and waist, 2 inches from her hips, and 3 inches from her thighs.

ali berry-fit2commitfit2commit-aliberry

I love coaching brides. I love their enthusiasm. I love that they come in each day ready to work towards their goal. I love that they have so many feelings.. I never know which feeling is going to walk into the gym with them. Here, let me give you an example.

January (When I first met Ali) she came in feeling insecure. She kept telling me she couldn’t do it.. whatever it was I was asking her to do. In her defense, I did make her throw up the first day. My bad.

February Ali came in feeling energized. She came in ready to work. I watched her get a little bit stronger every day.

In March she felt motivated. I could see it all over. After working out once a week for 2 months she started to see results. She was losing inches fast. Sure, I can be motivating if I say “you can do this, don’t give up!” really loud in my high pitched squeaky voice. But the best motivation is RESULTS.

April… hmm I think Ali was happy. The wedding was getting close but not too close. Good things were happening at home. She was coming to see me 3 times a week so we got close. Quite honestly, we weren’t as productive as we could have been. We laughed at stupid things like how ridiculous her shoulders are when I have her do really any exercise. I may have said “shoulders down” over 1000 times to her.

In May Ali was stressed. Every bride has this phase before their wedding. Stress is so hard on your body and mind. I wish it didn’t exist. We saw very little change this month.

June Ali was exhausted. Since she hit a standstill I had her start running 2-4 miles a couple times a week along with our regular sessions. She did this on top of juggling one million things.

In July I think the most prominent feeling was love.. for obvious reasons.

The last 6 months have been so rewarding. I can’t wait to see what’s next to come in Ali’s fitness journey!

ali and gavin

Congratulations Ali & Gavin Berry! Wishing you a life full of laughter and love.



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