Partner Workout!

Partner workouts are the best! This one requires all over strength and control. It will kill your core! Brooke and I had fun making this video for you all. Stay tuned for the blooper clips! 😝

Happy Tuesday! Xo, E

1) Partner on bottom should be in a locked push-up position meaning your entire body is hard as a rock. The partner on top should grab on at the ankles and place feet on the other partner’s shoulders. *Do not lock your limbs* Hold position for 30 seconds.

2) Stand back to back and lock arms. Place your feet approx. 2 feet apart with your heel and toe in line. Step away from one another so that there are 4-6 feet between you, keeping your backs and butts touching. Squat down at the same time. Perform 20 reps.

3) Starting in push-up position, facing each other, plank walk 3 strides away from your partner. Next, walk 3 steps towards each other and tap hands (the leg lift is optional for those of you who really want to challenge your core). Repeat 10 times.

4) Plank T-Rex high fives. Pretty self explanatory. Perform for 30 seconds.

** Repeat entire circuit 3-4 times for killer abs**

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