The Perfect Summer Fitness Outfit for Under $100

So I have a new addiction… Victoria’s Secret SPORT. My good friend & favorite future designer, Brooke, did this to me. I blame her.

You’re probably thinking VS has amazing bras but they aren’t cheap. I don’t know why or how but compared to NIKE (which I also loooooooooove) their sport apparel costs next to nothing.

The perfect summer fitness outfit for under $100:

Sports Bra $32.50 or 2 for $49.99! (Nike $45 on average)

vs-fit2commit-erica clarkson

vs-fit2commit-erica clarkson




Mesh Open Back Top $19.99 (Nike $40 on average)






The best fitting spandex I’ve ever owned $29.50 or combine with sport bra with 2 for $49.99! (Nike $30)

VSXshort-fit2commit-erica clarkson








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