Cellulite I Hate You

What is cellulite (besides the devil)?

Cellulite is caused by poor circulation and changes within the fat cells leading to changes in your skin’s normal structure. Fatty areas of cellulite are often cold to the touch due to reduced blood flow.

Cellulite is a part of life. You either have it or you don’t. This may not be what you want to hear but it’s the truth. We can’t control genetics but we can make the most of them.

No, magic creams and pills aren’t real.


Fine. Then what can I do??


Minimize Cellulite


Be active & eat right.


Here are a few tips what will help reduce the appearance of cellulite:


1) MOVE. Exercise is important and will help but most people only exercise for 30 minutes to 1 hour a day. What I am suggesting is keep moving all day. You need to get your blood flowing in order to reduce cellulite. Clean your house, do yard work, walk around your kitchen when you’re cooking. Any type of movement will help decrease your body’s insulin levels and train your muscles to burn carbs and fats for energy.


2) Invest in a stand up desk. Cellulite loves to live in your thighs and butt so sitting on it all day only fuels it’s fire. Many of you spend the majority of the day sitting. If a stand up desk won’t work for you then at the very least exchange your desk chair for a Swiss Ball. The Swiss ball will keep you moving more than a stationary chair and, bonus, it will help improve your posture.


3) Total body strength training. Incorporating upper and lower body in your workouts improves blood flow throughout the entire body. This increases the proportion of fat your body uses for fuel.  Here is a fun total body circuit you can do anywhere.

4) Run. One mile a day, that’s all your cellulite asks.


5) Minimize simple carbs. Some simple carbs are okay at the right time but pay attention to them and when you are eating them. Simple carbs to avoid: desserts, candy, sugar, etc. Simple carbs that are okay after a workout: fruit. After a workout your body uses insulin stimulated by simple carbs to repair and re-grow muscle tissue.


6) Easy up on high sodium foods. Sodium causes water retention and this can increase the appearance of cellulite. Side note: sodium also increases the size of your double chin. Keep your salt shaker in your cabinet to avoid temptation. Watch out for these foods with high sodium: microwavable foods, canned foods, soy sauce, teriyaki, and other sauces.


7) Eat Clean. Focus on fresh, non-processed items as often as possible.

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